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      in cubase go to device setup, choose remote devices, then click the + sign above the list
      choose “Generic Remote” from the drop down list that appears, to the right, choose import select the xml file from where you have saved it

      if you work with windows you will need a tool that translates midi to the wireless network.
      hexler offers a midi to osc tool (TouchOSC Bridge). you can download it for free at:

      if this doesn´t work i recommend to use rtpmidi

      i hope this will help.
      dont hesitate to ask if you have further questions,

      have a great day,

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  5. steffenb

    it works on android, you just have to maybe fix resolution problems …

    so, cubase 8 + android tablet/phone = check!

    and thanks for the killer template mate,
    i will frankenstein it to my needs :)

    one question though, how did you get that
    channel volume readout working ?
    i mean the led`S ?

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