news: Cycling ’74 – Announcing Max 6

Cycling ’74 announced Max 6. Max/Msp is a graphical development environment for audio and multimedia. They´ve also dropped the price.

New Features:

  • Effective immediately, we’re lowering the retail price of Max/MSP/Jitter to $399. We’re also lowering the price of some of our upgrade and academic options. And starting today, if you purchase Max 5, you’ll get an upgrade to Max 6 for free.
  • We’re introducing a subscription plan for universities that will make it possible for our academic customers to serve to more students at a lower cost. For more details, click here.
  • With Max 6, we’ll be supporting a user-driven, machine-assisted cross-platform translation project for both the software and the documentation, so we can better serve the majority of the world’s population that doesn’t speak English fluently.

More info here: