Talk-Zone #54 Interview with Sunny Marleen

[cs_content][cs_section parallax=”false” style=”margin: 0px;padding: 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”false” marginless_columns=”false” bg_color=”#c4c4c4″ style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column bg_color=”#ffffff” fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px;”][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Welcome to this interview Sunny Marleen. You’re a German DJane since many years and you have played in different countries already. What was your intention to become a DJane and when do you have decided to work in the music business?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]More than fifteen years ago a DJ friend and me travelled to different clubs every weekend. While watching him DJing I got curious how this works. So I asked him to show me how to mix. From the first time holding a vinyl in my hands I was in love with them and the daily mixing sessions became a big part of my life in those days. Consequentially I bought turntables and a mixer and pave the way for my DJ career. But honestly I never expected to become a DJane. It was a progress I didn´t influenced. One day a big record company became aware of me and showed interest in a collaboration. This was a big chance for me and I took advantage of the opportunity. Maybe you can say that this was the moment I bring to mind working in the music business as a professional DJane. To turn my hobby into a career is still one of the best things in life I´ve ever experienced. And I´m glad for that every single day. [/cs_text][x_image type=”thumbnail” src=”” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]You’re releasing your new single „I wanna show you“ at the 14th April very soon. It’s an own production and not a cover version, right? I appreciate artists with own creativity and new ideas. Where do you get your inspirations for new songs? [/x_custom_headline][cs_text]I´m happy that my new single ´I wanna show you´ will be released soon! The release is delayed through a combination of illness, internal processes and other external circumstances. It makes me more than happy to share this production with you which isn´t a cover version as well as the other tracks I´ve published under ´Sunny Marleen´. The inspirations came from songs I´ve heard in the past or in the present and also from the life itself. It´s a mix of various impressions that influence new songs.[/cs_text][x_image type=”thumbnail” src=”” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Is there a plan for a follow up single, own remixes, an EP or even an artist album for the fans of Sunny Marleen in the next future?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]For now we´re working on a follow-up which will be released within the next one or two months. So be ready!

In weeks past me and my buddy ´Blaikz´ published remixes for ´Andrew Spencer & Ron Rockwell – Axel F.´ and ´Marc Kiss – Can´t touch´. A brand-new ´Blaikz and Sunny Marleen´ remix for ´René de la Moné & Slin Project – Vegas baby´ will be out on the of March. Hope you guys will like and support that remix ´cause it´s a bit more commercial than the remixes prior to that.

Regarding the artist album I´ve never thought explicitly about this but lots of my fans and people from the music buisness asked for that so I should deal with this idea seriously. [/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]The current style that you play is Progressive House. Do you also play other genres and which kind of music do you listen in private?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]Trance was the leading music style when I started DJing. Over the years I played a lot of styles that represented me and my inner feelings. But I never lost the connection to Trance because it transports so much feelings. When I turn on the (internet) radio I can listen to almost everything. Music and creativity lives from variation.
For quite some times EDM, Progressive House, Electro and Future House thrills me. It´s depending on my mood, the crowd and the current tracks what I play on a gig. There is no prepared set and that definitely gives me the opportunity to make every night and every set special. [/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Let’s talk about your production process. Are you producing your tracks completely alone or do you receive help from other producers and what can you say about your studio equipment. Which equipment do you use?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]Truth be told, I would like to produce my own tracks completely alone. But I´m not able to do that. There are persons who do this job way better than me. That´s why I work together with different producers and producer teams. In the past I´ve worked with guys from the Netherlands and currently with a gorgeous German guy. We all use Cubase, Ableton or Logic to create new tracks. In my home studio I only work with Cubase ´cause I´ve got a mentor who showed me how to realize ideas, melodies, beats and more with this program. Moreover I have a powerful computer, monitoring by KRK and a Midikeyboard. This is sufficient for me but I like to invest into a new controller soon. [/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Who’s gonna do the mastering?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]Not me because the mastering is one of the most important things on a track. Without it tracks could haven´t enough power and the sound is not optimal on the final touch. That´s why I always drop this process into professional hands to receive the best result and to have a brilliant sound in the end of the production.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]If you could choose a collaboration with an artist of your choice, which one would be the biggest dream to work with?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]Difficult question because I like to work with many brilliant producers, singers or songwriters. For example I´d like to be creative with Sebastian Ingrosso, Zedd, Hardwell, Chris Willis or NERVO. Maybe it will happen one day…never say never[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Which kind of equipment do you use for your DJ sets? Do you play with vinyls, CDs or a DJ-controller system with a software like Traktor or Serato?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]I started with vinyl back in the days. Then the CDs took over and I still use them. I also have USB sticks with me when I´m on a gig but i still prefer using my CDs. I realize it´s a bit oldschool but I love it. [/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]You’re actual single will also get some remixes. That’s why you’re starting a new remix contest with Miami Records and Noizefield soon. Which kind of remixes will be accepted and what do you expect of the contest?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]First of all thanks for making this remix contest possible. The contest will start at the 14th April 2017 till 14th May 2017 . You have the chance to win cool prizes. It’s the first time for me starting such a competition and I´m really curious about the entries. We accept remixes in the style of Future House but don´t be shy and send us your ideas even if it´s not our preffered style. Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.[/cs_text][x_image type=”none” src=”” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Most of the remixers will be unknown newcomers. Do you have got a tip or an advice for the remixers to get a good result?[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]We provide a remix package for you which includes the vocals, midi files and the Radio Edit. You also see the key so make sure to use it for your remix. Then you can avoid mistakes regarding the harmony. And the second advice from my side is ´less is more´. If you have to many tracks you´re at risk to have a muddy sound.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]My favourite alltime classics are:[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]1. Tiesto – Adagio for strings
2. Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash – Reload
3. Swedish House Media – Don´t you worry child
4. David Guetta & Chris Willis – Love is gone
5. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo
6. Daft Punk – Rockin´ Roll
7. Faithless – Insomnia
8. Delerium – Silence
9. Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Together
10. Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Thomas Schumacher Remix)[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Now you’ve got the chance to tell us something that you always want to say:[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]One anecdote came directly into my mind….
When my Mum turned 49 she and my Dad came with me to a special gig. Three thousand people were in front of the stage when I played my DJ set. My parents came up on it and started dancing to my music until I finished. I was surprised, happy and proud to have such great and cool parents. I love them from the bottom of my heart. They made me the person I´m today and I´m thankful for still having them in my life.

Here comes one of my secrets…
I have a banana allergy. Really! This is extremely rarely but as you can see I´ve survived so far.

Last but not least I´d like to thank you guys from Noizefield for the interview, the opportunity to start a remix contest and for a great teamwork. I also like to thank everyone who read this interview up to here. I hope you enjoyed my answers and I´m looking forward hearing from you on my social media accounts. Leave me a feedback, tell me your story, your secrets or just say ´Hello´[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h6″ looks_like=”h6″ accent=”false”]Thank you very much for taking time to this interview[/x_custom_headline][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][cs_section parallax=”false” style=”margin: 0px;padding: 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”false” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/2″ style=”padding: 0px;”] [/cs_column][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/2″ style=”padding: 0px;”] [/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][cs_section parallax=”false” style=”margin: 0px;padding: 10px 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”false” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 10px auto 0px;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px;”][cs_text][icon type=”chain”] More information:
Sunny Marleen Website
Sunny Marleen @ Facebook
Sunny Marleen @ Twitter
Sunny Marleen @ Soundcloud[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]