free ableton patch: mo-seph – Simple Max for Live Granulator

mo-seph released Simple Max for Live Granulator a while ago. Now they´ve updated the granulator.

“This is a simple granulator for Max for Live. It’s very much inspired by Robert Henke’s excellent granulator. In particular, the extra audio unit for grabbing source material. I’ve used the GMEM GMU granulator as the basis, as a relatively modern and fast granulation external.

To use it, you’ll need Live 8.2.x, Max and Max for Live. Save the attached devices into your library – the Grabber is an Audio Effect, and the GrainPlayer is a Midi Instrument. When installed, you can play the GrainPlayer using a keyboard etc, and drop files on the waveform view, or grab audio by putting the Grabber on any audio track.”


More info and download here: