Free VST Plugin: Tokyo Dawn Records – TDR Feedback Compressor

Tokyo Dawn Records released an updated version of their free TDR Feedback Compressor. The plugin is available for windows in 32Bit and 64Bit.

“A carefully designed dynamic range compressor. The processor is dedicated to sum/bus compression and is the result of an intensive study about the musical behavior of the feed-back compressor topology. Most modern compressors analyze the input signal to control gain reduction. The feed-back compressor design however “listens” to its output. This non-intuitive approach delivers an unobtrusive and highly musical compression characteristic that is able to handle complex signals with ease.

These unique characteristics were combined with a minimalistic audio-path and state of the art digital signal processing techniques. The compressor is carefully tuned for intuitive and musical operation. We want to emphasize the fact that the processor neither tries to emulate any previously available device, nor does it follow popular trends like “virtual analogue”, “vintage” or similar buzz terms. This is a proud digital processor, made with an immense amount of love and care. Just listen for yourself! :)”

Notable features

  • Beautiful “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behavior
  • 64bit floating point precision for all relevant calculations
  • Differential oversampling structure
  • Internal re-sampling via high quality linear phase filters
  • Advanced stereo-linking (reduces audible cross-modulation)
  • Adaptive integration time RMS detector. Optional PEAK and tunable RMS detection
  • Freely adjustable compression knee
  • Upward compression mode
  • Optional side-chain 6dB/Oct high-pass and 3dB/Oct energy equalization filters
  • Optional “color” functions
  • Independent release controls for fast and slow program material
  • Delta preview mode. Allows to preview the difference between compressed and original signal
  • Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted)

More info and download here: