Jeroen Breebaart VST plugins

today i have to write somthing about the Jeroen Breebaart VST plugins. they are just amazing. for about 40€ you get a bargain and really very very good plugins. especially the “Red Phatt Pro” is one of my favourite compressors. i use it in allmost every track. it sounds better than qute a lot of more expensive compressors – and i know a lot of them including WAVES, Universal Audio, etc.

a very special and top secret information directly from the mastermind and main developer mr. breebaart himself is that he and his team is actually developing some “new” plugins:

We’re making quite some changes in the complete software structure to allow for mac and windows 64 bit support. Hopefully the first ‘new’ plugins will be available early 2011…

its time that the jb plugins get my nf goldstar ;)