kostenloses VSTi: Texture Granular Synth 3.0

Giorgio Nottoli, Michelangelo Nottoli, Giovanni Costantini, Andrea Angelini and Massimiliano Todisco veröffentlichen den kostenlosen Synthesizer Texture Granular Synth 3.0.

“Texture is an instrument to perform Asyncronous Granular Synthesis based upon the algorithm developed by Giorgio Nottoli [Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Roma], and is fully implemented with programming language C++.
It generates a grains’ flow in which the way each grain follows the other depends on probabilistic parameters such as grain density (attack/sec), overlapping, synchronism and fade of each grain.
The spectrum generated by the synthesis could be harmonic, expanded or contracted according to the value of frequency exponent parameter; the result will be a sound texture that can change from noisy fragmented sounds, to metallic and tuneless sounds such as bells, finally to harmonic sounds similar to strings or choirs.
Texture is available both as VST or Audio Unit instrument, and each interface’s parameter is automated and can be controlled by the host; some factory presets are implemented in a combo box on the upper-left side of the interface, but user can save his own sound inside the host if needed.
An advanced and a basic interface are provided for expert users or casual ones; we’re going to see the details in the following chapters.”

Weitere Infos und Download hier: http://www.mastertas.uniroma2.it/ricerca/TexGrSy.html