news: Steinberg released Cubase 5 update!

There is a new update to Cubase version 5.5.3 from Steinberg available. There are only some minor bugfixes but also the very importand improvements like a more stable VST Bridge includet.

Thats great news to me, cause i still have not updated to version 6. i really appreciate that! thank you steinberg :)

“The VST 3 plug-in REVerence no longer locks the Wet amount to 100% if used in a Group or FXChannel,
instead a new “Lock” symbol has been added. With active “Lock”, the current Dry/Wet
balance is maintained when browsing presets for REVerence. This update also fixes
compatibility issues with OMF imports and exports as well as audio playback issues when
working under Mac OS X 10.6.x using a USB 2 audio interface.”


  • VST Preset browser window refresh issues resolved
  • RoomWorks / RoomWorks SE could not find their VST Presets
  • Resolved VST Bridge stability issues
  • Resolved issue where all MediaBay drives were scanned unintentionally on Mac OS X
  • Improved Audio CD Import stability
  • Resolved VST time info issue with host-synced plug-ins
  • Resolved loading of VST Presets when only one preset is saved