News: Strezov Sampling – STORM CHOIR

Strezov Sampling released STORM CHOIR, a 12-piece epic chamber choir for NI Kontakt. It´s available for: Introductory price: $149* and will goto:  Normal price: $199


  • Twelve (6 men, 6 women – recorded separately) of Sofia, Bulgaria’s top opera singers
  • Four Mic Positions (Close, Decca, Outrigger and Balcony) built into an intuitive Mic Mixer
  • Five Syllables
  • Marcatos and Staccatos
  • One (FFF) dynamic with mod wheel volume/lo-pass control
  • Advanced scripting (attack tightening, performance double-tracking, sample offset for new syllable creation and more).
  • 48 kHz / 24 bit

More info here: