12-Bit Crunch released Jazz Machine

12-Bit Crunch released Jazz Machine for NI Kontakt.

Jazz Machine’ is 12-Bit Crunch’s debut Kontakt Instrument. It’s part sample-player and part chord-generator (albeit one that doesn’t output MIDI):
Conceptually think of it like this: imagine you’re digging for vinyl and you find an insane library record that has like 300 solo chords played in all twelve keys and on various cool vintage instruments. ‘Jazz Machine’ is like a sampler patch with all those crackly chords ripped, pre-loaded and ready to lay some drums under!

Depending on which octave you’re in, you’ll hear a different chord flavour. From bottom to top you have Major 7, Minor 7, 13, ♭13, 7#9, Sus and m7♭5. That’s 84 different types of chord!

More info here: 12-Bit Crunch | Jazz Machine