AJH Synth released MiniMod Tap Tempo VC-LFO

The MiniMod Tap Tempo VC-LFO is a 12HP wide LFO with a huge range of useful features including Tap Tempo and internal / external clock control.

Sixteen different waveforms are available over two banks and an eight way rotary switch and Bank switch allow easy waveform selection..

The unique Waveform Twist function allows PWM like duty cycle variation to be applied to fourteen of the waveforms.

CV controllable multiply function – with this we can double, treble, quadruple or half the LFO rate, so that we can vary the modulation frequency but still keep it relative to the tempo of the track.

Large modulation range from 0.05Hz (one cycle every 20 seconds) to 50Hz

Random stepped voltages (similar to S&H) and also a very useful random sloped voltage outputs are also available.

Voltage control is implemented for all functions, including waveform selection and exponential control of modulation frequency

Bipolar and Unipolar outputs are available simultaneously
and the built in VCA allows easy control of the modulation level of both outputs.

More info here: AJH Synth | MiniMod Tap Tempo VC-LFO