ALM Busy Circuits released TAZM-O

ALM Busy Circuits released TAZM-O, an analog triangle core oscillator featuring through-zero frequency modulation and a collection of some of our favourite features of classic oscillator designs. It includes a continuous morphing wave/pulse width shape control inspired by the Serge NTO, dual SH-101 style varied pulse sub octave outputs, a voltage controlled FM Index typically found in larger complex oscillators, a built in output level VCA and voltage controlled octave transposition similar to the multipliers found on Akemie’s Castle digital FM VCO.

The primary shape output freely moves between sine (or triangle), saw, pulse and square wave shapes before passing through the built in output VCA for on board level control. Additional common direct shape outputs and dual -1 and -2 octave sub outputs are also available, offering the familiar flexibility of more traditional VCOs.

The through zero FM input includes both direct and voltage control over modulation index for fast and straightforward additive patching when paired with a secondary mod oscillator. Additional features include the unique octave transpose CV input (0, +1, +2 octaves), hard sync input and an LFO mode with bipolar LED indication.

Designed to act as the primary oscillator in your system the ‘TAZM-O’ offers a wide range of timbral and patch flexibility within a relatively compact 12HP size, making it the perfect fit for any modular system.

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More info here: ALM Busy Circuits | TAZM-O