Arturia released 6 Preamp and Filter Plugins

Arturia released 6 effects plugins, 2 great software packages, and some amazing introductory deals that will let you start using the sound of history’s finest studio preamps and synth filters in your DAW.

Put simply, these are plugins you’ll actually use. We’re so confident, that’s even what we’ve called them. We are proud to present a collection of some of the greatest studio hardware and synth filters of all time, accurately modelled, and turbo-charged with great new features to inspire you.
First up, say hello to 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use.
A compendium of 3 iconic studio preamps, modelled on Trident Studios, Telefunken, and Rupert Neve classic designs, updated with exciting, super-usable features like mid/side processing and integrated vintage EQs. TridA-Pre, V76-Pre, and 1973-Pre brings the analog, harmonic tone of vintage studio gear to a whole new generation of music makers through the magic of Arturia’s TAE ® technology.

More info here: Arturia | 6 Preamp and Filter Plugins