Audio Brewers released ab Imager

Audio Brewers released ab Imager, the ultimate solution for elevating your ambisonics experience to new heights.

With ab Imager, you are in complete control. Tailor the Dominance of your signal with precision, allowing you to fine-tune the balance between immersive realism and artistic expression. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, ab Imager empowers you to shape the auditory landscape according to your creative vision.

But that’s not all. Harness the power of the spatial imager in ways never imagined before. Expand your soundstage and give your ambisonics recordings a wider, taller, and longer presence, effortlessly extending the boundaries of your sonic canvas. Alternatively, if subtlety is your preference, you can shrink the spatial imager, creating a narrower, lower, and more intimate soundstage that envelops the listener in a cocoon of sonic bliss.

With ab Imager, we are also introducing a groundbreaking new Upscaler* that will enhance any 1st or 2nd order Ambisonics signals to 3rd Order. The Upscaler was designed to work fast so as to be compatible with the Dolby Atmos requirements (Buffer Size of 512 Samples), and to be completely automatic – meaning it will always be in standby mode, and as soon as a 1st or 2nd Order Ambisonics signals go through, it’ll kick in to enhance them and increase their quality. Unlock the true potential of your ambisonics recordings with enhanced spatial resolution and an unparalleled sense of depth.

ab Imager is the perfect tool for musicians, sound designers, and audio enthusiasts alike, who seek to transcend the boundaries of ambisonics and explore new dimensions of sonic possibility. Elevate your productions, breathe life into your soundscapes, and immerse your audience in a world where audio knows no limits.

Experience the future of ambisonics with ab Imager and discover a new realm of sonic excellence. Get ready to expand, shape, and captivate with unparalleled control and creativity.

ab Imager is compatible with Mono, Stereo, and Ambisonics sources (1OA, 2OA, 3OA) and will output Stereo and Ambisonics signals that can later be decoded to ANY speaker array possible. From Binaural, to Surround and even 7.1.2 that can be later routed to your Dolby Atmos bed.

This means that even if you have a Monophonic recording, you can create a fully three-dimensional space that can embrace you in your Dolby Atmos mix, everything in a matter of seconds! Pretty cool.

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More info here: Audio Brewers | ab Imager