Bedroom Producers Blog released BPB Dirty Filter Plus for free

Bedroom Producers Blog released BPB Dirty Filter Plus, a FREE dual filter and multi-mode distortion plugin for Windows and macOS.

BPB Dirty Filter Plus is a completely overhauled edition of the original BPB Dirty Filter plugin. We added some of the features suggested by BPB readers and implemented a few of our own crazy ideas, and we’re very proud of the result.
The Controls

The new BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin features four Dirt Modes, separate Slope controls for the filters, a transparent Compressor module, and a fresh new GUI that is freely resizable. We also optimized the code and added a few under-the-hood features that keep the signal in check even at high resonance settings.

The plugin now comes with four completely different Dirt modes:

  • Mode A (Original) – The classic tube-style distortion that made you fall in love with the original BPB Dirty Filter.
  • Mode B (Acid) – This is what your recordings would sound like if sprinkled with acid. Hint: It sounds great on 303 basslines.
  • Mode C (Dust) – This is a mellow and somewhat “dusty” distortion mode that results in an instant lo-fi sound.
  • Mode D (Cyber) – Reduces the bit depth and sampling rate, resulting in a carefully tuned bitcrushed sound.

As in the original, the Dirt knob increases the distortion intensity and filter resonance. This results in a unique type of distortion that is amplified around the cutoff frequencies. However, you now have multiple Dirt modes to play with, each delivering a completely different flavor of audio degradation.

We also included separate Slope knobs for the high-pass and low-pass filters. This enables you to keep one filter transparent while making the other one more aggressive-sounding.

FREE Filter/Distortion VST Plugin - BPB Dirty Filter Plus

BPB Dirty Filter Plus is a pay-what-you-want product (the suggested price is $5), and you can download it for FREE by entering $0 as the price.

More info here: Bedroom Producers Blog | Dirty Filter Plus