Behringer released PRO-800

Behringer released PRO-800, a classic analog 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer with 2 VCOs, 1 VCF, an arpeggiator and sequencer. Based on the classic Prophet 600, this synth captures the vintage sounds of the original coupled with some modern features like MIDI and onboard memory for storing up to 400 patches to truly make the PRO-800 a great choice for the modern musician.

In keeping with the classic feel, the PRO-800 sports a pure analog signal based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs that have made original synths like the Prophet 600 so sought after by many electronic musicians and enthusiasts. Each of the 8 voices also contains 2 VCOs for some massive, detuned sounds.

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~ 400€

More info here: Behringer | PRO-800

Also available at : PRO-800 @ Thomann