Blair released Rebound

Blair released Rebound, a spectral Max for Live plugin which warps your sounds in ways never you’ve never heard.

In EQ Eight, you can automate the volume of bands up and down, but my plugin Rebound lets you do this automatically, with 256 bands!
rebound’s frequency bands section, volume is the y axis, frequency band is the x axis

What Makes It Unique?
I kidnapped multiple mad scientists, placed them into an air-tight room. They fought to the death. One survived. He then managed to tie me to the chair and forced me to make ‘the dopest colour bass plugin’. I sat in the chair 24/7 until I came up with Rebound, making it the first sound design plugin ever created in a hostage situation.

$59.97 USD

YouTube video player

YouTube video player

More information here: Blair | Rebound