Blue Lantern Modules released Asteroid Snare Drum MK2

Blue Lantern Modules released Asteroid Snare Drum MK2, a sound generator module with 3 oscillators + noise generator. This module is a complete mini synthesizer that can easily produce snare drum sounds. A ‘trigger’ signal is patched in order to hit the snare drum. The bottom row contains an internal mixer where you mix in 2 shell generator oscillators, one thud oscillator, and a noise generator.

The Trigger input is level sensitive. Lower voltages will result in quiet snare sounds. You can use this to simulate accent.

The Filter on the ‘Impact’ signal path was carefully designed just for snare drum tone control. It sounds very nice. It will not self oscillate, but the Q control can go very high in frequency. It has a 12db High pass Filter and a 12db Band Pass Filter. There is CV control for the cutoff and CV control for the internal VCA.

I added an auxilary audio input on the filter. You can mix external sounds.

The tone of this module is very hollow. It simulates wood like snare sounds.

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189,00 $ (Pre-Order)

More info here: Blue Lantern Modules | Asteroid Snare Drum MK2