Cherry Audio released Novachord + Solovox

Cherry Audio’s Novachord features 32 polyphonic voices; a resonant bandpass filter network of three resonators; the “Brilliant,” “Deep,” and “Full” tone settings of the original; seven Attack/Decay/Sustain envelope options; adjustable depth vibrato; and an integrated reverb effect with Room and Hall algorithms plus speaker emulation to replicate the Novachord’s built-in amp and speakers in an acoustic space. Novachord’s interface is a magnificent recreation of the original, replete with white Plakson and black Bakelite keys, teardrop levers, and gorgeous cherry wood.

Cherry Audio’s Solovox is a faithful virtual analog emulation of the monophonic keyboard attachment instrument, featuring combinable Bass, Tenor, Contralto, and Soprano switches; First Voice and Second Voice two-pole bandpass filters with level controls and variable center frequencies; “Deep,” and “Brilliant” tone settings; adjustable glide and fixed-rate vibrato; a mute control to filter harmonics from the oscillator voice; and an integrated reverb effect with Room algorithm and speaker emulation. The exquisite Solovox interface features responsive vacuum tubes that light up and respond to settings.

The result is the fully immersive Novachord + Solovox experience – a breathtaking feast for both the ears and the eyes. With additional touches including over 100 combined presets, flexible MIDI mapping, and Cherry Audio’s popular Focus zoom-in feature, Novachord + Solovox brings these Golden Age classics out of the past and into the 21st century.

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Intro: $39
Regular: $59

More info here: Cherry Audio | Novachord + Solovox