CubuSynth released Dual CS-20 VCF

CubuSynth released Dual CS-20 VCF, a dual / stereo multimode VCF / Phaser / VCO, inspired by the legendary Korg MS-20, with CV control over frequency and resonance. The resonance can self-oscillate and features a 1V/Oct input, stable over at least 2~3 octaves.

Each of the two filter cores has 2 stages of Low Pass and High Pass filtering, which can be blended.
The Frequency CV can be “attenuverted” (with inverting attenuator on CV input). The resonance CV comes with an attenuator.

Key features

  • 2 individual Filter cores with common Frequency and Resonance controls
  • CV control over Frequency and Resonance for each Filter core
  • self-oscillating Resonance with LED feedback circuit (visible on the Front)
  • 1 V/oct input, tracking over 2~3 octaves
  • Frequency Range: 22 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Blend between LP / HP Filter modes
  • Ability to use as 2 pole (12db) stereo HP/LP Filter, 4 pole (24db) mono LP/HP or a Band Pass (12db) Filter
  • Cross FM Modulation possible

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€189,00 EUR (Tax included)

More info here: CubuSynth | Dual CS-20 VCF