Daniel Gergely released Emergence

Daniel Gergely released Emergence, a real-time granular effect. It can transform your sounds in unique ways, creating anything from complex delay patterns to strange noises or beautiful layered soundscapes.


  • 4 grain generation streams with independent parameters
  • Modulation system with many modulation sources:
  • LFOs, Macros, Audio Input/Output and parameter randomization
  • High quality grain pitch transposition (+/- 24 semitones)
  • ADSR controls for shaping grain envelopes
  • Synchronize time based parameters to host tempo/beat
  • Built-in preset manager
  • Up to 600 grains (depending on your CPU)
  • Freeze buffer contents
  • Built-in help (hover over controls and see text at the bottom)
  • Resizable UI
  • Collapsible UI sections to save screen space
  • Available in VST3 (windows and mac) and AU (mac only) formats
  • Native support for ARM and Intel Macs

USD: $20.00 USD

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More info and free download here: Daniel Gergely | Emergence