DDMF released GrandEQ – Mastering Equalizer

DDMF released GrandEQ – Mastering Equalizer, the culmination of what DDMF have learned in the years since the first software EQ was released back in 2006. It represents the state of the art of equalizer algorithms. The goal in digital equalizer design is always to reduce the amount of digital artefacts which are introduced due to the necessarily finite sampling frequency. In its minimum phase setting, GrandEQ manages to do just that to an extent larger than most other EQs, and notably both in the amplitude and in the phase domain, while introducing only a very small amount of latency. The result is a very open and clear sound with, at the same time, excellent CPU efficiency. Its linear phase setting stays completely in the time domain, using an elaborate time-reversal algorithm and 2-fold oversampling to ensure excellent amplitude and (flat) phase response with the lowest possible amount of digital distortion

Intro: 83,40 €
Regular: 139,00 €

More info here: DDMF | GrandEQ – Mastering Equalizer