DDMF released Metaplugin v3.0

DDMF released Metaplugin v3.0 which adds an internal, fully automatic bridge between the 32 and the 64 bit world (a true first in the world of wrapper plugins), a dedicated plugin browser/organizer, a VST3 version, a proper stereo sidechain input, up to 4x oversampling, support for Apple’s native Audio Unit plugins and a bypass option for each loaded plugin.

There is an upgrade offer for owners of a Metaplugin v2 license: for $19 instead of $49 you can enjoy the benefits of the new release.

Soon, there will also be a standalone version of the universal bit bridging solution that comes with Metaplugin, for those who decide they don’t need all the other goodies that Metaplugin has to offer, and focus on the bit bridging part instead. It will also be a first in that it will offer seamless window integration for Windows and OSX, and both VST and Audio Unit plugin (the latter on OSX only, of course).

More info here: DDMF | Metaplugin