Deal: FireChild by Tone Empire 80% OFF

The King of Vari-Mu Compressors – 4 models included!
For only $19.00 (normally $99.00), get Firechild by Tone Empire.
The Firechild aims to emulate the characteristics of the King of Compressors from the 1950s. The vintage units are variable-mu type compressors, which use the vacuum tubes for reduction of gain right in the audio signal path, (no re-routing to a compression circuit)
Firechild includes 4 models of the Vari-Mu Compressor ranging from Tube Versions (A/B/C) to a transparent version accurately sampled and emulated from the originals of the 1950s.
Use this for the Master, or individual tracks, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Key Features

  • Emulate the characteristics of the king of compressors from the 1950s.
  • Features 4 Models A, B, C, and “Clean Version” Off Mode for the convolution. (3
  • Tube Modes & 1 Transparent Mode)
  • Sidechain Processing with HP/LP Filters
  • 6 Release Times
  • A Gallery of Presets (100+)
  • Great on Drums, VOX, Instruments & Mix.
  • Enhanced Features -BIAS, KNEE, MIX (Wet/Dry)


Deal available here: FireChild (VST3, AU, AAX) by Tone Empire