Deal Modular Chaos Engine#2.1 by Sound Dust at Pulse Audio

Sound Dust Modular Chaos Engine#2.1 – Evolved deal at Pulse Audio with a great discount!

Modular Chaos Engine #2.1 is an analogue chaotic drum machine for a chaotic analogue world

This machine is based on the strange and rather wonderful analogue/digital masterpiece that is Dave Smiths’ Evolver – it takes hundreds of sounds from this beast and moulds them into a highly interactive and serendipitous ‘drum’ device that can help you quickly create new and unexpected beats, breaks and rhythms that you just didn’t know you had in you.

Modular Chaos Engine #2.1 Evolved talkthrough

Deal: $ 19.00
Regular: $ 27.00

Deal available here: Pulse Audio | Modular Chaos Engine#2.1 – Evolved