Deal: The Ronroco by Guareschi 60% off

The creator of The Bandoneon, the film composer Guillermo Guareschi, presents a new and exciting Kontakt Library intended to become a singular tool for composers and musicians.

Inspiring Traditional South American String Instrument For Kontakt
The Ronroco belongs to the family of the Charangos, a typical South-American instrument. It is like a Charango but bigger in size with a deep and warmer sound.
It was brought to the international scene by the two-time Oscar winner, Gustavo Santaolalla. He uses the Ronroco in almost all his projects, such as “The Last of Us”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Babel” and Michael Mann’s film, “The Insider” among others.

The Ronroco // Kontakt Instrument // Guillermo Guareschi // Rio Bravo // Demo


  • Recorded in high resolution with Krystalos Audio technology.
  • Long notes in round-robin and three dynamics per note.
  • Staccato, pull-off, mordente and tremolo notes.
  • A special menu with a huge variety of arpeggios patterns conceived to create original and infinite sequences with an unprecedented level of realism.
  • Chords and strokes in many tonalities.
  • 9 Articulations with various keyswitches per articulation.
  • Soundscape menu to create huge idiomatic and cinematic beds and atmospheres.
  • Southern Winds is another idiomatic tool for creating realistic tremolos.
  • Rontoor is a special sound created by striking the strings of the instrument with a metal wand.
  • Effects: this menu offers another spectrum of effects produced by playing the ronroco in unusual ways.

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