Deal: Cryogen by Glitchmachines 84% off

Cryogen is a modular buffer effects processor designed to generate robotic artefacts and abstract musical malfunctions.

Create Unique Modular Buffer Effects For Abstract Musical Mutations
“Cryogen” is all about the creation of robotic artefacts and abstract musical malfunctions, and features some unique tools and effects to help you achieve this, including:


  • Dual Buffer & Bit Crusher FX
  • Dual Multi-Mode Filter
  • Drag & Drop Modulation Matrix
  • Extensive Modulation Options
  • 140 Factory Presets

If creating unusual and ever changing soundscapes and textures is your thing, “Cryogen” delivers like no other plugin!

Glitchmachines CRYOGEN - Intro & Quickstart Tutorial

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