Deal: Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir by Soundiron 70% off

The “Venus Symphonic Womens Choir” is a powerful, flexible and exquisitely-recorded 33-voice female choral library for professional film and television scoring, symphonic arrangement and music production.
Venus offers unbeatable value, with superior range of detailed articulations, robust sonic presence and excellent true legato fluidity at an affordable price. It provides a level of total flexibility, deep functionality and total sonic power that professional composers need!

Soundiron - Venus Symphonic Women's Choir - Tutorial by Sascha Knorr

Normally €368 – get it at 70% off before it’s gone!

  • 70% off the normal price (normally €368)!
  • 26.7 GB Installed, 25,730 Samples
  • 24bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav samples (non-unencrypted)
  • 406 Kontakt nki patches (unlocked)
  • 120 Kontakt nkm multi-instrument patches for easy 5.1 mixing
  • Bonus collection of 150 custom convolution reverb impulses
  • Powerful custom performance and FX control interface
  • 2 Room positions (close and far), created from a blend of 12 large diaphragm Neumann microphones
  • Specifically designed for easy surround sound mixing, mix customization and resource efficiency
  • Full Chorus
  • A chorus of 33 professional singers from Volti, the SF Symphony Chorus and the SF Choral Society
  • 2 Languages: Slavonic (Russian liturgical) and Latin
  • Massive Marcato Builder System – Explore Soundiron’s fully customizable basic word-builder system with hundreds of possible sustaining word combinations. Combine a variety of attack, sustain and release consonant and vowel components and freely cross-fade between them.
  • Combined Marcato/Staccato Phrase Builder with preset saving and the ability to store and cycle or keyswitch between up to 16 different user created sequences
  • 36 Marcatos w/ deep round-robin and pp/fff dynamic layering
  • 48 Staccatos w/ 4x round-robin, including pp/fff dynamic layering on 8 core vowels
  • 18 Slavonic 100bmp Slow Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, legato & 2x rr releases
  • 12 Slavonic 140bpm Fast Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, legato & 2x rr releases
  • 10 Latin 100bmp Slow Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, legato & 2x rr releases
  • 11 Latin 140bpm Fast Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, legato & 2x rr releases
  • 21 Whispered Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, plus Staccatos and Marcatos
  • 28 Droning Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, plus Staccatos and Marcatos (dissonant, harmonic and atonal spoken)
  • 4 Dynamic Layered PP/FF True Legato Vowels: Ah, Eh, Oh, Oo
  • Plus a bonus soft ppp “Mmm” with True Legato
  • Sustaining Half and Whole-tone trills w/ tempo-synching
  • A huge collection of choral shouts, risers, falls, sweeps, swells, clusters and other essential symphonic and experimental choral effects of all kinds.
  • 21 unique sustaining vowels (ah, ay, eh, ee, ih, mm, oh, oo and more) with up to 4 independent round-robin variations on each attack, sustain and release element
  • Bonus “Amazing Grace” building blocks in freely arrangeable multi-part harmony (in both solo and ensemble)
  • 406 individual nki presets
  • 120 additional combo close/far mic nkm presets, ready for custom mixing and surround routing
  • Soloists
  • 2 Soprano Soloists and 3 Alto Soloists, singing in both Slavonic & Latin.
  • Each language includes a full collection of 1 Alto and 1 Soprano articulations
  • The Soloists feature a variety of staccatos, polysustains, trills, whisper effects and a deep collection of rich melodic phrases
  • More…
  • Tempo-synching and time-stretching presets optimized for Kontakt 5
  • A deep bonus collection of custom ambient soundscapes, drones, pads and atmospheres hand-crafted using the original choral source
  • Integrated DSP effects and custom convolution impulses included
  • Fully automatable custom user interface
  • Designed for full integration with the Mars Men’s Symphonic Choir library
  • For more detailed information on all these features read the Manual HERE.
  • Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for Cinematic Underscore, TV Music, Video Games and Symphonic Arrangements!

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