Diginoiz released Distiller

Diginoiz released Distiller, a blend of roughest distortions and purest filters controlled by separate LFOs, From removing unwanted frequencies to adding rich harmonics, from classic saturation, to experimental wavetable distortion, from lo-fi textures creation, to contemporary bass sound design – Distiller does it all and much more!

Since gain of some early guitar amp was cranked up for the first time, distortion became an acknowledged tool for enhancing sound. And when a filter was added to an early subtractive synth, filtering became an indispensable way of carving timbre. Distiller equally focuses on these two pillars of sound creation as it combines over dozen types of distortion and a wide selection of filters. What makes it special and modern is the possibility to blend between two types of distortion and the fact that both the filter cutoff and the blend between distortion types can be controlled by separate LFOs.

Distiller Vst - Reinforce and refine your sound

Intro: $29.90
Regular: $59.90

More info here: Diginoiz | Distiller