DPW Design released Mix (4 channel stereo mixer)

DPW Design released Mix, a compact 4 channel stereo mixer that also can be set up to be set up to be up to 8 channels of mono with crossfading in 4 groups. It also has a built in soft knee limiter for subtle level control or harder creative coloring of the sound.
It is designed to be a flexible compact part of your system. As the main mixer for a small system or you have a few distributed in your bigger system and use one to collect the signals from all of them sa the main out.
The unit can be used as a utility module for control voltages as well as for audio. It is DC coupled.

There are 4 channels of stereo input with volume and pan control. When using one of the channels with mono in stereo mode you can connect to either left or right channel. The left and right inputs are normalled to each other.
The module is designed to never clip internally but the levels can get high at the output stage. So the output stage has a controlled nice sounding round clipping that limits the output to +/- 10V.

The M switches (mono) turns the channels left and right input to dual mono with the Vol knob as a volume for both and the Pan becomes a mono crossfade between the left and right input.
The M switches affects the channels in two groups. The upper M switch affects channel 1 and 2. the lower affects channel 3 and 4.
This means that engaging one or two M switches can give you 4 mono with two groups of crossfade plus two stereo channels or 8 channels of mono with 4 groups of crossfade.
The crossfade can be used as a performance feature to gradually crossfade from one part of your system to an other or to build more complex voices.

The Lim switch engages a multiple soft knee limiter on the output stage that brick wall limits the output to +/-5V (+14 dBV). It is designed to have a very transparent sound if not driven hard.
When Lim is on the amplification on all channels also increases by a factor of two. This means that unity gain on all channels will be with the Vol knob at the 12 oclock possition.

The limiter can be used to protect equipment connected after the Mix module like non Eurorack equipment as levels otherwise could get a bit too hot.

The limiter can be used as a creative tool to glue the output mix together.

It can also be used as an effect when driven hard. The reason for the increased amplification when the limiter is on is for this purpose.
If the whole mix is driven fairly hard through a single limiter like this you will get musical artifacts that are similar to side-chaining a fast compressor.

The LEDs will light up when the outputs are at 5V as a help to get your levels right.

€ 170 (€ 136 + VAT)

More info here: DPW Design | Mix