Dream Audio Tools released Points 2: The Tension Machine

Dream Audio Tools released POINTS 2: The Tension Machine, he second cinematic installation from the POINTS line. POINTS 2 for Native Instruments Kontakt features a complete set of layerable percussive rhythmic patterns freely combinable using built-in three oscillators engine, to create a potentially unlimited combination of cinematic percussive grooves and textures. Oscillators include patterns using organic, industrial and synthetic drums and percussions.

POINTS 2: The Tension Machine - Audio Demo showcase

POINTS 2 layers three different oscillators, subdivided by frequency range: base, middle and top. Each layer features Lowpass and Hipass 2 poles filters, Volume envelope, Degrader/Lo-Fi, Drive, Flanger, Delay and a Rhythmizer, a gate inspired effect with randomizable steps and handy rhythmic presets.

POINTS 2 features a FULL GROOVE RANDOMIZER. Just click on the logo and get infinite rhythmic textures and grooves for instant use in your tracks or as a starting point for your own rhythmic creations. Easy as that!

POINTS 2 is the ideal tool for Lite/Hard Cinematic Tension, Pop, Alternative, Hip Hop and Electronica. It also features 84 inspirational snapshots subdivided into Full Grooves and Top Grooves

POINTS 2: The Tension Machine - Snapshots walktrough

Intro: €29.00
Regular: €39.00

More info here: Dream Audio Tools | Points 2: The Tension Machine