Eplex7 DSP released Unisonizer

Eplex7 DSP released Unisonizer, a real time unison effect plugin for Windows VST.

Typical Unison is effect of synthesizer where oscillator is played more time at the same time and every oscillator signal is detuning in real time, changing its volume, panning and fine-tune. This makes sound heavy and intensive. Usual problem is, that most of synthesizers are working only in monophonic unison mode. This mean you cannot play chords etc. Many synthesizers do not have unison effect at all. Other synths have unison effect, but their sound is not fat and heavy enough. For this reason we developed Unisonizer – Real time unison effect. Just put Unisonizer on any synthesizer, sampler or other instrument channel (ad VST effect in mixer channel) and hear fat unison sound, real-time. Unisonizer is ideal for synthesizer bass, leadys, keys, pads, sweeps, but can be used also with vocals (to make havy voice), special FX creation, drums and samples. Perfect for any music style, mostly drum and bass, synth pop, dubstep, 80s, electro, house, trance, psytrance, tech house, disco, retrowave, synthwave and much more.


  • 3X signal distributor (1X -1 octave detuned signal, normal signal, 1X +1 octave detuned signal) with volume control for every part of separated signal
  • Unison vibrato (volume + tune) modulation with Vibrato speed and Vibrato amount
  • Unison PAN speed control
  • Retardment knob
  • Classic Unison detuning module with Rate, Depth, AntiX and Mix knob
  • Dry / Wet knob

Unisonizer real-time unison VST effect. Convert any monophonic sound or synth into wide & fat sound

Intro: €15.90
Regular: €31.00

More info here: Eplex7 DSP | Unisonizer