Erica Synths donates ALL INCOME from the Music for Peace campaign to humanitarian aid organisations in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is creating horrific casualties and displacing tens of thousands of people – for us, this is not only a matter of politics, but a question of humanity. We strongly feel, that no person deserves to endure the terror of war.

Every action taken and euro donated helps those in need – providing people with food, clothing, fuel and shelter is the least the rest of us can do. Our hearts go out to all of the people who have lost their homes and loved ones, those who have suffered injury or death and those who are forced to re-build their lives in exile.

To further scale up the effort of MUSIC FOR PEACE we have added two more modules to the fundraiser – the Graphic VCO and, in collaboration with our partners at Gamechanger Audio, the Plasma Drive eurorack module.

The campaign will be on-going until all stock is sold out and ABSOLUTELY ALL INCOME will be donated.

Erica Synths sincerely thanks all who are participating in MUSIC FOR PEACE and have shown their support – as of March 16th 2022 altogether 43.419,95 EUR have been raised & donated to humanitarian aid organisations in Ukraine.

More info here: Erica Synths