Erica Synths LXR-02 – 84 raw Electro, Techno & D&B drum kits

This drum pack brings you 42 kits designed with the LXR-02 and also 42 additional kits mangled with Drum Depot’s favorite tool of choice: the Bit Grunger of my Akai MPC1000 – for some dirty vintage sound. That makes it a total of 84 kits, ranging from pretty soft and cozy to brutally raw.

Usable for any kind of electronic music – from Techno, Trap, EBM and Industrial to Drum & Bass and Ambient. Due to its synthetic nature even some funky Electro-Pop beats à la Depeche Mode are just as possible as your next Hardtek, Glitch or Gabber banger.

– 84 Drum Kits made with LXR-02 by Erica Synths & Sonic Potions.
– 588 WAV Drum Samples for any sampler, properly named for easy batch import into your sampler.
– 153 MIDI Drum Patterns.
– Formats: WAV (properly cut and mixed in relation to each other) and Akai Drum Programs.
– Suitable for Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass, Ambient, Trap, Glitch, Hardtek, Gabber, EBM, Industrial.
– Including MPC Expansions for MPC Force, One, Live, Live II, X, X SE, Key 61 as well as the controller models Renaissance, Studio

The LXR-02 drum pack incl. MPC expansion is now available for 14.99€ at Drum Depot