Error Instruments released Mechanical Resonator

Error Instruments released Mechanical Resonator, a new experimental drum percussion with a built in effect processor.

A digital effect processor that works on an acoustic spring with a built-in pick up. A resonating sound source. That you can play with your hands physical. An experiment with a lot of touch control. You can use a triggering to find some beautiful spots between bass drum. plukt sounds. Electrostatic. Karp plus strong . Bit crush. Or you can create some baselines with a gate or a sequencer an envelope. You can also use it as an effect processor would like a delay or a bit crush. It’s all about finding physical and mechanical spots of the Resonating sounds.

Mechanical Resonator eurorack Experimental percussion FX  processor

€ 220,00 (including VAT)

More info here: Error Instruments | Mechanical Resonator