Feedback Modules released LFO-20

Feedback Modules released LFO-20, a complex analogue LFO in just 4HP! Waveshaped Square and Triangle output plus extra inverted Triangle output. Reset and gate function, multiple LFOs can be chained for complex gates and CVs. Very long LFO time on minimum setting, more than 1min.

The main feature of this LFO is the WAVEFORM knob that will change progressively the shape of the
– at the TRIANGLE output from SAW (CCW) to TRIANGLE (centre position) to RAMP (CW)
– at the PULSE output from 5% (CCW) to 50% SQUARE WAVE (centre position) to 95% (CW)t

In addition to this we added a reversed output for the Triangle sections, so you can for example close
a VCF in the same time you open a VCF, adjusting the Frequency.

Another main feature is a reset/gate input. If the first switch is in reset position, any trigger or gate will reset
the cycle of LFO.
If the first switch is in Stop position, any gate will stop the lfo.

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€50.00 | €59.50 (including EU VAT)

More info here: Feedback Modules | LFO-20