FEEDBACK Modules released VCZIIIA VCO Premium

FEEDBACK Modules released VCZIIIA VCO Premium, a VCOs based of one of the most revered analog instruments, the famous British pin matrix synth released in 1969.

The VCZIII series VCO is a result of the collaboration of Feedback modules and CMS-LAB and is a modern re-creation of those temperamental, organic and beautiful sounding VCOs from 1969 but with enhancements and adaptations to the Eurorack needs of 21st century.

There are two type of VCOs, VCZIII A based on VCO1 with variable shape SINE & SAW waveforms, VCZIII B based on VCO2 & VCO3 with variable TRIANGLE & PULSE waveforms.
Also, each VCO comes in two versions, one with normal fine tune potentiometers and one with precision multiturn potentiometer.

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Premium (WITH BOURNS MULTITURN FINE TUNE POTENTIOMETER): €210.00 | €249.90 (including EU VAT)
Base: €170.00 | €202.30 (including EU VAT)

More info here: FEEDBACK Modules | VCZIIIA VCO Premium