Free reverb epicCLOUDS by Variety of Sound

The ambient reverb is specifically designed to emulate the reverberation characteristics of large, open spaces or natural environments. It aims to create a sense of immersion and a feeling of being in a larger acoustic environment, such as a concert hall, cathedral, or outdoor setting. It typically has a longer decay time compared to other types of reverb and provides a very lush and expansive sound.

By using ambient reverb in audio production or mixing, you can enhance the sense of space, depth, and realism in your recordings, making them sound more natural and immersive. It is commonly used in various genres of music, film soundtracks as well as sound design to create a desired atmospheric or spatial effect. It is one of the go-to effects in the ambient music production.

The epicCLOUDS reverb works internally with very high density settings right from the start and thus delivers very soft and even ambient textures. Nevertheless, it guarantees a high degree of clarity at all settings and avoids unwanted side-effects such as source signal masking. Special attention was paid to the perceived envelopment of the source material by implementing an end-to-end true stereo reverb design.

The plugin is available for Windows in VST and VST3 format as freeware.

More info and free download here: Variety of Sound | epicCLOUDS