GS DSP released Quantum Delay

GS DSP released Quantum Delay, a classic stereo delay with feedback, a vintage treasure for the ages, now fused with the most transcendent, mind-bending modulation system you’ve ever encountered!

Dive into the heart of time manipulation using either the retro Tape mode or the modern super-clean Fade mode. Seamlessly toggle between BPM synchronization, even 5-tuplets, or use any time in ms. Use the Fine control for pushing / dragging micro-timings or modulate your delay lines like never before.

Nested within the feedback path, switchable lowpass, highpass, and bandpass filters empower you to beautifully sculpt your echos. Easily add modulation for unique dynamic movement and depth.

Define the intensity in conventional percent or our modern dB/s approach. Use crossfeed for classic ping pong delay style effects. Increase the intensity by using the over-feedback mode to build up your echos beyond infinity.

Each section can be toggled between stereo and dual mono for even more interesting stereo effects and control. Use our parameter randomisation feature to explore the plugin’s sound at random. And if that’s not enough use our next-level modulation system to modulate pretty much everything using LFOs & Random Generators (also in 2D!), Envelope Followers, Macros and even dynamic chaotic systems.

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Desktop Price: $9.99
iOS Price: $4.99

More info here: GS DSP | Quantum Delay