Herbs and Stones released Pathways

Pathways is a modular matrix mixer designed for feedback manipulation, creative routing, weird synthesis… and many other things.


• 4x 1/4″ inputs with gain / drive control, 4x 1/4″ outputs
• Each of the 16 matrix intersections can be controlled manually or via CV, a dedicated LED gives visual feedback of the channel volume
• An envelope follower is normalled to input four, the signal then gets fed through a clock divider with three cascaded outputs. Willingly, an external signal can be inserted into the divider
• Two voltage controlled LFOs can modulate any parameter and create dynamic feedbacks, asymmetrical panning, tempo-related fx send/returns
• If patched into itself, each channel can self oscillate so it can be used as a polyphonic cv-controllable drone synthesizer
• full eurorack compatibility, each parameter has its own 1/8″ input jack
• Pathways is powered via the included 9V center-negative
[ -o)+ ] universal power supply

€499 (international shipping fees are included)

More info here: Herbs and Stones | Pathways