HoRNet Plugins released Harmonics Pro

HoRNet Plugins released Harmonics Pro, an exciter, saturation and clipper processor. 

It’s the extended version of our famous free plugin Harmonics and it works by adding overtones (or harmonics) to the input signal. You can add up to 10 different harmonics and of course you can choose the level and phase relationship of each.

This is the core of the plugin but to make it more versatile and interesting we added: pre-emphasis and de-emphasis filters, a soft clipper and an hysteresis module that allows harmonics to behave like a tube a transformer or a magnetic tape.

The pre emphasis and de emphasis filters allow you to add equalization before the harmonic exciter and clipper processing and the opposite eq curve after (you can add up to 4 filters to the eq) this allows you to change the saturation point of different frequencies giving you a lot of flexibility in shaping the sound.

The hysteresis simulation gives a sort of “memory” effect to the saturator, if you hit the plugin with a high level signal the hysteresis produces a bias offset that fades slowly when the signal is reduced in intensity, this effect allows you to get the typical sound of tubes, transformers and magnetic tape. 

Of course we have given Harmonics Pro input and output knobs and the link option between them so when you rise the input the output is adjusted accordingly to always keep the same level, on the harmonics view there is also a master fader which increase or decrease the harmonics levels to reduce the effect and create different overtones content between the exciter and the clipper.

Finally, we also have separate dry and wet knobs for parallel processing.

To guarantee the best possible quality we added our intelligent oversampling to the algorithm so that the oversampling amount is chosen depending of your sample rate if it’s lower than 192KHz.

The user interface is of course completely vectorial and hardware accelerated (using OpenGL or Metal) and it can be resized at will so it looks good on every monitor and screen size.

10,99 €

More info here: HoRNet Plugins | Harmonics Pro