HoRNet released HA2A

HoRNet released HA2A, a classic opto compressor emulation that bings this studio standard in to the 21st century.

We modeled a real piece of gear which is found in the studio of our friend Flavio aka TheBuildzer, we measured the response of the unit, the transfer function, the attack and release behavior and put everything into this new plugin which improves the OPTO model in Multicomp Plus MK2 and recreates the sound of this historical compressor.

Recreating the real sound of the compressor down to tubes and transformers was not enough so we decided to bring this standard compressor into the 21st century and we added our touch including input and output VU meters, auto input gain with up to 6VU target level, a button to link input and output (so you don’t have to tweak anything while compressing), automatic makeup gain for the compressor, automatic compression setting with peak reduction target, dry and wet separate controls for parallel compression, mode selection (stereo, dual mono, mid or side) and a bypass button that lives inside the analog emulation (so you can use the plugin as a tube saturator if you want).

To make the unit sound even more real we added our analog emulation technology simulating the input transformer the tube amplifier and the output transformer, of course you can disable the analog emulation if you want a clean and modern sound.
To guarantee the best possible quality we added our intelligent oversampling to the algorithm so that the oversampling amount is chosen depending of your sample rate if it’s lower than 192KHz.
The user interface is of course completely vectorial and hardware accelerated (using OpenGL or Metal) and it can be resized at will so it looks good on every monitor and screen size.


  • Faithful sound recreation of this famous compressor.
  • Input and output VU Meter.
  • Automatic input gain.
  • Linked input and output gain.
  • Mode selector between stereo, dual mono, mid and side.
  • Auto gain makeup for the compressor.
  • Automatic gain reduction setting.
  • Dry and wet level controls for parallel compression.
  • Analog emulation and hiss.
  • Bypass that keep the analog engine active (so you can use the plugin as a tube saturator).
  • Intelligent oversampling that allows the plugin to always work internally at 192kHz.
  • Vector user interface which is sharp on every resolution.
  • Freely resizable user interface.
  • Apple Silicon M1 support.
  • macOS (10.11 and later) and Windows (Vista and later) support.
  • 64-bit on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format.


More info here: HoRNet | HA2A