inouï samples released Harmonic Triangles for NI Kontakt

inouï samples released Harmonic Triangles for Native Instruments KONTAKT.

Harmonic Triangles is not just about 4 extremely detailed triangles with many playing techniques: it gives you the choice between natural sounds with indefinite pitch, the same triangles with definite pitch sounds and even minor triangles !
As a result of acoustic experiments, inouï samples samples founded a way to transform indefinite pitch instruments into definite pitch instruments while maintaining the sound integrity for Harmonic Triangles.
From recording to sound design, inouï samples offers you with Harmonic Triangles a product made with the same sense of detail and precision that it has shown since its first release Very Close Piano.
Triangle is out of tune? A lack of homogeneity in your high-pitched instruments? You can finally make disappear all the problems which used to come with the triangle through the innovations brought by Harmonic Triangles.

More info here: inouï samples | Harmonic Triangles