Jolin released ASHIKO

ASHIKO is a quad stereo VCA designed to create multi-directional sounds starting with mono sources.

• To instantly create a stereo image with a mono source and a single CV input.
• To CV switch a sequence and send it alternatively to two different oscillators.
• To direct the movements in a quadrophonic system.
• To control up to 4 sources with independent CVs and send them to 8 different outputs.

• LFOs – perfect as CV inputs.
• Oscillators – to enhance them in the stereo field.
• Delays – instant ping-pong effect.
• Samples – manipulate their presence in the mix with addition modulations.

• 4 Stereo full range VCAs.
• Transistors based CV inputs designed to give the best results with LFOs.
• Individual toggle switches to activate mono or stereo mode.
• Selectable hard/soft switching curve.
• Input and CV are normalled and they flow top to bottom when no jack is inserted.
• Works with audio and CV sources.
• “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.

ASHIKO  - Eurorack Quad Stereo VCA - first taste

More info here: Jolin | ASHIKO