Kazrog released True 252 EQ

Kazrog released True 252 EQ, an emulation of the highly sought after Langevin EQ 252A Graphic Equalizer.

In building this emulation, copious measurements were made of the original hardware in the Powers collection, and every effort has been made to accurately represent it in the digital domain – including the extremely musical EQ curves that inspired the original Motown-style EQ circuit, and gentle natural saturation of the original unit.

This equalizer is incredibly intuitive, and brings life to masters, buses, and individual tracks in a way that feels effortless and immediate.


  • Highly accurate emulation of the Langevin 252-A Graphic Equalizer
  • Gain compensation – maintains the same apparent loudness irrespective of the EQ slider settings.
  • Continuous gain control – not stepped as with competing plugin emulations of similar EQs.
  • “Cramping-free” equalization. (More info about EQ cramping, and why it’s bad, in this video from Dan Worrall.)
  • Standard Kazrog preset manager with A/B compare.
  • Compensated internal bypass.
  • Separate oversampling settings for realtime and offline processing, adjustable on the fly.
  • Two UI themes – black and gray – based on the faceplates of the original 252-A and its cosmetic variation, the 270.

Kazrog True 252

Intro: $29.99 USD until November 4, 2022.
Regular: ?

More info here: Kazrog | True 252 EQ