Libre Wave released Sordina

Libre Wave released Sordina, an audio effect plugin that authentically replicates orchestral instrument mutes. Using models derived from real world recordings, Sordina allows you to effortlessly apply brass and string mutes to enhance any audio source.
This serves as an excellent means to broaden the capabilities of your existing virtual instrument collection or infuse additional richness into a live recording.

In addition to conventional use, Sordina allows you to explore options outside what is possible in the real world. Ever wondered how a bassoon would sound with a trumpet’s harmon mute? Now you can find out!
With over 260 meticulously crafted models, Sordina offers a comprehensive toolkit for your creative endeavours. Beyond traditional mutes, Sordina also includes emulations of effects like col legno, sul ponticello, and flautando, adding a layer of sophistication to your musical palette.

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87,99 €

More info here: Libre Wave | Sordina