Loopmasters released Counterstrike – Skullcrusher Drum & Bass

Loopmasters released Counterstrike – Skullcrusher Drum & Bass
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Loopmasters proudly presents: Counterstrike Skullcrusher! With these high-quality, royalty free samples you will find sounds that Counterstrike use to craft their original, uncompromising tech-entrenched D&B to crossbreed and neuro. They pull inspirations from every corner and twist them with their own distinctive, hard-nosed motifs, and it’s all ready for instant use.

Counterstrike stand as one of the hardest production entities to pin down in the heavy hitting end of drum and bass, delivering exceptionally well executed cuts across the multiple subgenres of the scene to carve out their unique sound. Decorated in every aspect of the industry, this unique London/Prague-based partnership has excelled as producers, performers, promoters and label owners since the late 90s. They currently boast over 100 releases on labels as rich and diverse as Ram, PRSPCT, Let It Roll and Position Chrome. Many of these releases have achieved Beatport D&B Top 10 and Beatport Main Top 20 status and have enjoyed full support from respected taste makers such as Black Sun Empire, Audio, The Panacea and Dieselboy.

With loops playing between 173-175 BPM, Counterstrike Skullcrusher is perfectly adjusted for Skullstep, a subgenre of drum and bass that is characterized by its aggressive and dark sound, which is achieved through the use of distorted, harsh bass lines, existing in the sample pack, along with heavy drums and off-beat rhythms with distorted and noisy percussion resembling clangy ‘pots and pans’, a distinct element of skullstep. The collection also consists of complex and powerful synthesizers to achieve the unique, desired sound in your productions. Additionally, you will find sinister, eerie sound effects and atmospheres to help you create a sense of tension and unease which is a key characteristic of the genre.

In detail expect to find 595 MB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ wavs – 30 Drum Loops, 30 Synth Loops, 20 Bass Loops, 11 Perc Loops, 9 Cymbal Loops, 8 Hat Loops, 3 Snare Loops, 2 Atmosphere Loops, 2 Fx Loops, 50 Bass Hits, 50 Drum Hits, 49 Fx, 13 Synth Hits and 7 Atmospheres.

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here: loopcloud.com



595 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
30 Drum Loops
30 Synth Loops
20 Bass Loops
11 Perc Loops
9 Cymbal Loops
8 Hat Loops
3 Snare Loops
2 Atmosphere Loops
2 Fx Loops
50 Bass Hits
50 Drum Hits
49 Fx
13 Synth Hits
7 Atmospheres

Download teaser pack for: Counterstrike – Skullcrusher Drum & Bass | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Counterstrike – Skullcrusher Drum & Bass