Loopmasters released Moonlight Jazz Hop

Loopmasters released Moonlight Jazz Hop
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Sample Diggers are proud to bring something a little different to their collection!

Blending the traditional African-American musical legacy of Jazz with the future-facing approach of Hip-Hop, Jazz Hop is ideal for sensual, emotive and lounge-friendly instrumentals. Initially associated with artists including Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest, this fresh pack can create progressive instrumental elements for genres such as Chillout, Electronica and Trip Hop.

Whether you’re working with MCs and vocalists or creating music to chill and study to, the elements of Jazz Hop serve for unique inspiration and, using MIDI files covering classic piano and bass elements, the foundations for breezy, original compositions. The carefully curated loops on offer span electric guitar, expressive saxophone and diverse kicks, snares and hi-hat elements for delicately threaded percussion.

Featuring a total of 911MB of entirely royalty-free content recorded in pristine 44,1Khz quality, the cool, atmospheric span of Jazz Hop includes loops recorded between 88BPM and 131BPM for pure sonic experimentation that goes easy on the ears.

In detail you get 911 MB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ  wavs – 31 Keys Loops, 28 Sax Loops, 27 Drum Part Loops, 26 Guitar Loops, 25 Top Drum Loops (Wet & Dry), 23 Perc Loops, 19 Drum Loops (Wet & Dry), 19 Vocal Loops, 18 Synth Loops, 15 Drum Fill Loops, 11 Bass Loops, 9 Scratch Loops, 8 Orchestral Loops, 4 Drum Roll Loops, 4 Harmonica Loops, 1 Fx Loop, 39 Drum Hits, 10 Percs, 2 Cut Fx, 1 Vocal and 26 Midi Files.

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here: loopcloud.com



911 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ 
31 Keys Loops
28 Sax Loops
27 Drum Part Loops
26 Guitar Loops
25 Top Drum Loops (Wet & Dry)
23 Perc Loops
19 Drum Loops (Wet & Dry)
19 Vocal Loops
18 Synth Loops
15 Drum Fill Loops
11 Bass Loops
9 Scratch Loops
8 Orchestral Loops
4 Drum Roll Loops
4 Harmonica Loops
1 Fx Loop
39 Drum Hits
10 Percs
2 Cut Fx
1 Vocal
26 Midi Files

Download teaser pack for: Moonlight Jazz Hop | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Moonlight Jazz Hop