Loopmasters released Neon Revive: Retro Pop & Nu-Disco

Loopmasters released Neon Revive: Retro Pop & Nu-Disco
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Step into a sonic time capsule with our Neon Revive sample pack, meticulously crafted to transport you back to the glorious era of the early ’80s. With its contemporary yet nostalgic vibe, this pack brings to life the pulsating rhythms and shimmering melodies that defined the essence of that era. Whether you’re working on nu-retro pop, nu-disco, future retro pop, or any related genre, these meticulously curated sounds will infuse your music with an irresistible retro charm.

Inside Neon Revive, you’ll find an impressive collection of professionally recorded and expertly processed samples that pay homage to the iconic sounds of the ’80s. Dive into a treasure trove of punchy drum loops, groovy basslines, glittering synth melodies, soulful leads, lush pads, silky chords, vintage-inspired arpeggios, and much more. Each element has been carefully crafted to capture the authentic essence of the era, ensuring an unparalleled level of authenticity in your productions.

Designed for both seasoned producers and newcomers to the retro sound, Neon Revive offers an extensive array of one-shots and loops to spark your creativity. Craft irresistible grooves by combining drum hits and loops, lay down funky basslines that will make bodies move, and infuse your tracks with rich textures and vintage-inspired synth hooks. With over 300 meticulously organised samples, the possibilities for creating infectious and nostalgic retro pop and nu-disco tracks are truly endless.

Featuring a wide range of tempos, keys, and musical elements, this sample pack provides the flexibility you need to produce chart-topping hits or experiment with refreshing new sounds. Whether you’re looking to create uplifting dancefloor anthems, atmospheric chillwave vibes, or nostalgic synth-pop ballads, Neon Revive is your go-to resource for capturing the magic of the ’80s in a contemporary musical landscape.

So, unleash your creativity, embrace the retro revival, and let Neon Revive take your music to new dimensions. Get ready to make your audience dance, smile, and revel in the unmistakable nostalgia of a bygone era, all while keeping your music firmly rooted in the present.



418 MB
300 Total Files
175 Total Loops
125 Total One-Shots
21 Bass Loops
20 Chord Loops
79 Drum & Top Loops
23 Keys Loops
32 Synth Loops
114 Drum One-Shots
11 FX

Download teaser pack for: Neon Revive: Retro Pop & Nu-Disco | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Neon Revive: Retro Pop & Nu-Disco