Loopmasters released Nu Disco Vocals

Loopmasters released Nu Disco Vocals
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You must be ready to experience a new set of Industrial Strength vocals for your next production or remix. How does Nu Disco Vocals sound?

All of our vocal packs are top notch and this new collection is no different. This production pack offers up amazing vocals and music to create full songs. Each Production Kit is a full on song. We believe it’s all about the song. So we really rolled up our sleeves to provide 5 amazing Vocal Kits.

Nu Disco Vocals combines different vocalists to give extra more diversity to this pack. We think this collection is pure fire. We also added the full guide tracks. If you DJ. You just got 5 micro songs to boot up your sets. Hey.. try remixing these tracks and drop them in your set no telling what might happen. This pack is just waiting for you.

If you’re starting out you can learn a lot about Vocals and Remixing while using this pack. if you don’t have access to a vocalist or not sure how to write a song. Now you have everything you need to start. Nothing else is needed expect you. Nu Disco Vocals is 100% License Free and ready to boogie its way in your next creation

Everything you hear in the Demo is in the pack. We even included all the Midi Files for the  Production Kits so you can add your own sounds with no fuss. Yes we also included all the Drum Shots for total control while programing your backing track.

We did not make a full demo, the songs were too good, so check out each Production Demo, then check the contains list to see what’s on offer. Just head to our home page and feel the Disco heat.

While your on our home page you gotta check out our other amazing Nu Disco, Breaks, Neo Jazz,  Nu Disco Grooves, Modern Funk and Soulful Disco House collections. They won’t disappoint.

Nu Disco Vocals Included.



5 Guide Tracks
5 Production Kits
5 Full Track Midi Files
108 Vocal Samples
120 Drums
12 Bass
20 Guitar
18 Pads
8 Synth Parts
4 Lead Synths
3 Arps
4 Piano
5 Various Samples

Download teaser pack for: Nu Disco Vocals | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Nu Disco Vocals